Thursday, 2 May 2013

Unknown Man on the door


A lump of grief arose within her , "Do I know you?" Kiran asked
"No..." that unknown man replied without looking at her face  

" Can you call your mom or dad? ". While he was going through his red rounded bag. Kiran cross examined his looks , he was in his thirties with well oiled hair wearing a uniform of  'Set mail ' . "Or..... call your aunt or big sister.." He asked again.
When Kiran didn't answer his interrogations, he looked in her small tearful eyes and asked "What happened?" . "Nothing..... Just my mom is not at home went to market .So.. give me your message i'll convey to her" replied back with a disguised smile on her face.
He gave a bewildered look to her and handed over a parcel "Here is a parcel for Kiran Rai and you have to sign here ..... just in front of the name ".
Kiran was startled "I think you are mistaken because who'll parcel me"
"How do I know . Can you hurry up please as I have to deliver many more parcels" and passed note pad to Kiran. 

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