Friday, 19 July 2013

FLOWER with the FRAGRANCE of tears

When I was 6, at school we were doing a play. I don't remember about what it was, but all the kids in my classroom had to be in it. As for me I was a pretty flower.

I didn't had any line or any big part, but I was really proud of being a pretty flower. I had my costume and everything ready on the day of the show. I went to school like a normal day but right after school we had to be at the school theater. It was our typical elementary school theater. That day my mom and my dad had to go out of town for some work so when they told me I started crying. Yeah, I was the little

crying girl the most spoiled and yet the shy one. Anyways my dada ji(grandfather) took me to school and took my costume. The costume was plain simple, just green leggings and on top the flower. I knew my  dada ji(grandfather) was present but I wanted my parents to be there and see me. The event was a success, and at the end we took a bow and then I saw my mommy she smiled. On the spot I started crying. As soon as I went off with my parents I ran like there was no tomorrow. I hugged my mom and asked her, mommy did u see me, did u see me on the play. I just shoot question after question. My mom just said yes, I saw you and I'm so proud of you. I just hugged her all the way home, I hugged her so much that I made a Bruce on her neck :D. When we got home I saw my daddy with chocolate. He apologized for not being there at the play, and told me I was the prettiest flower on the play. Of course I didn't care he didn't come, I was too excited that he was there and had chocolates for me. I was just too excited and I hugged him. In fact I hugged him as hard as I did to my mommy that he told me to go easy. It was around 8 pm so I got ready to go to bed, but I was too excited, that I spent like half an hour just hugging them until I fell asleep.
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