Thursday, 4 July 2013

Manish, we will all miss you

Last sunday my phone went off, as I had important paper on monday so ignored using fb .  
I read a message from a mutual friend  in the morning...and felt like I'd been hit over the head.  A friend from my college , had moved out of Dehradun a couple of weeks ago.  The call I had ignored had been a mutual friend.  The message was that "Manni"(we used to call him with this name) had died.

I was literally in shock...still kind of am.  I knew Manni was having some health issues, but had no idea ...We were friends. He was the quiet kinda guy. Everybody liked him and he was always there whenever I needed him. Sometimes we went out together to play pool and once I even participated with him in a quiz. So when I read that message few tears escaped my eyes. Even while I dressed up for college few questions revolved in my mind "Why, When, How"
After our exam few of my friends and me thought to attend his cremation but we couldn't make it on time to bid him last goodbye.

So This post is dedicated to my good friend Manni.......
                                                           WE WILL MISS YOU

Manni with his mother

Rest gently, Manish(Manni) .  May your next life be filled with joy.

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