Friday, 20 December 2013

His superman again

Some day may be
My son will stand beside me
The way he used to be

May be he will hold my hand
and walk in the same pace
he will ignore my chit chat
and will consider me the super man

My looks will no longer matter to him
and I'll see my reflection in him
He will hug me hard 
and wait till I push him back 
with the cozy smile

My daughter interrupted me in between while I was busy in writing my unsaid emotions on lifeless paper. 
"Abbu, Shall I make some tea for you", She asked
"No, I'm going on a walk with Ali sahib. Will return with in an hour" I left the home still deep in thoughts

I returned after an hour, my daughter opened the door.
 "Abbu, I have to go to tuition.......will be back soon", She left but my thoughts still surrounded me
I turned pages of my diary to write again but few lines caught my attention

he is changing
you have to change too
then he will be there 
beside you always"

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